Biometrics Time and Attendance Terminal

When being there and being on time is critical

Most Reliable Biometrics Technology (HVRP)

VP-II X Time Clocks provide the most reliable biometric performance for identifying an employee to punch in/out for time and attendance by using state-of-art Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition (HVPR) technology utilizing the vascular patterns on the back of the hand.

Database Interface to many other existing systems

All or selected punches by user group and/or punch types are exported to 3rd party software’s database. Exported punch data may be used for time and attendance reporting and management.

Security Access Control Capability

VP-II X is designed to be used for both time and attendance and access control at the same time. A VP-II X being used for time and attendance can be easily used for access control purposes by connecting a VP-II XG Door Controller provided by Techsphere or by connecting it to an existing physical access control system.

Employee Time Management System

The included NetControl software with the VP-II X provides companies with the ability to track their employees time without conflicts with the existing software, eliminating the needs for additional vendor systems being purchased.

Time and Attendance Function Keys

Four function keys are available to be used for Punch-In, Punch-Out, Break or Return. Optional use of these function keys for other purpose are available. VP-II X can also be configured to prevent non-function key punches.

Display Recent Punches

A user can retrieve and view his/her recent punches on the VP-II X screen up to 100 transactions.

Easy Integration into Existing Infrastructure

VP-II X is easily connected to an existing network infrastructure via TCP/IP and/or Wiegand interface. In a TCP/IP network, employees, once enrolled on any VP-II Time Clock, are automatically synchronized to all VP-II X Time Clocks on the network. VP-II X has standard capability for up to 50,000 users, which can be extended.

Hardware and Software Configuration